May 20, 2018

We love to keep our bus looking in it's best condition so it doesn't look out of place at any event. We've teamed up with the guys and girls at Sam's Detailing to help!


Our keen eye for attention to detail and well-executed design made Sam's Detailing stand out amongst the crowd. We made contact with Sam and started to talk about their branding and product range. We discussed opportunities to work together, and by May 2018, we've agreed on a sponsorship programme which means, we will exclusively be using Sam's products to clean and protect our fresh paintwork.


Plush Microfibre

Edgeless Microfibre

Drying towel

Ceramic Boost

Tyre Dressing Applicator

Signature Paste Wax


Iron Reactor

Exterior Detailer

Rubber and Trim Dressing

Interior Detailer

Fluffy Monster Mitt

Snow Foam

So far we've sampled and loved the products above, the finish is incredible and has left us in amazement that a 40+ year old bus could look so good!

With each wash we started with some of the shampoo from our kit, and washed the exterior using a two bucket method, the shampoo bubbled up nicely and smelt incredible! With the soap loosening and removing the light grime the suds were jet washed off and the bodywork was left wet and clean. With that we applied the Ceramic Boost formula to the wet paintwork all over, and could see it taking effect almost immediately, the water begun to react differently in the directly applied areas, once we had sprayed all areas of the bus, we used the plush microfiber to work the Ceramic Boost into the paint all over.


With the Ceramic Boost jet washed off we used the Plush Drying Towel and patted the panels dry. The thickness of the towel meant it absorbed every last droplet with ease and by the time we had dried the whole bus, the towel felt barely damp and soaked up as much on the last use as it did on the first!


We then protected the paintwork with the signature paste wax, which was so easy to apply and hazed up beautifully, leaving the paint silky smooth and causing some seriously impressive water beading on a test patch.


We noticed that a light application of exterior detailer and a wipe over with the edgeless microfiber towel was all that was needed to remove some mild traffic film and other contaminants from some local town driving, so getting the bus back to a glossy shine was effortless.


We've not yet made our way through all of Sam's catalogue of goodies but what we've used so far has been flawless. W couldn't recommend their products enough and make sure we keep our kit with us at all shows and events to show people how good they work! Plus, the design and packaging from these guys is unbelievable, quality products, and a quality brand all round!




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